Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Testimonial: Eddie Silva, Watsonville, CA

I was on the final stages and pre-paired to paint the outside of my home, I knew that painting was going to be a fact and routine maintenance if I wanted a well kept nice looking home. As I was about to begin, a K-Designers representative happened to be at a neighbor’s house waiting for them to return. He began to talk to me about new siding how it would not only look great but how with new siding would save me maintenance, air conditioning, and heating cost, plus a reduction in outside noise.

I am writing to express complete satisfaction with the new siding on my manufactured home. Not only have my neighbors expressed how beautiful! my home looks but the fact that the whole park seems to have gotten somewhat of a minny face lift. My first night after completion of the siding installation, there was a noticeable quietness. And temperature stability.

What made me believe in K-Designers is how quickly my home was finished and ready for me to enjoy. The installers must enjoy working for K-Designers because there attitude and workmanship was what I would expect from any hard working man or woman.


Eddie Silva

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