Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Testimonial: Clyde Smith, Big Timber, MT

To Whom It May Concern;

Recently you did some work on my house such as installing a new garage door and wrapping trim on the house. We are pleased with the finished work and with the way that you complied with our wishes all away along.

Neighbors have commented how nice the new work looks. I am sure that this investment on our part will add to the life of the house and will help in other economic ways.

I recommend your services to anyone who wants to improve their home. Surely they will be pleased with the speed and pleasant way in which the work will be done.

Clyde Smith

Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Testimonial: Karla Clark, La Crescenta, CA

To Whom it May Concern,

I am writing to express my overwhelming satisfaction with the new appearance of my home. I had 26 windows, 2 doors, Headers with Keystones, Shutters and Lights installed by K -Designers. The windows are beautiful and the screens allow me to open up the house and let me enjoy the fresh air whenever I want. The French door and the large sliding door allow me to use my back porch as an extension of the house.

These changes to the outside of my house have resulted in numerous favorable comments from family members and friends. Many thought that I had painted the whole exterior. The curb appeal has been greatly increased.

Karla B. Clark

Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Testimonial: Kenneth and Audrey Ross, Roseburg, OR


Our thanks to Thomas Fisher for the time he spent showing us the quality and value of the vinyl siding recently installed on our home.

We love the way the house looks and we've had many compliments from friends and neighbors. They seem envious that our house will never need to be painted! One friend is eagerly awaiting a report on how much money we save on heating bills this winter.

Thanks also to the crew, who worked so efficiently together and so conscientiously cleaned up after the job was done.

My husband and I would highly recommend K -Designers to anyone who wants to improve the looks, comfort and value of their home.

Kenneth and Audrey Ross

Friday, January 10, 2014

Never remodel in winter...right?

Wrong! Weather is certainly a factor, especially to certain exterior remodeling projects, but that doesn’t mean you have to scrap your remodeling plans. The remodel project and the product used determine how impactful the weather will be.

Take for instance a window replacement project. As a home owner you might think that your house will freeze.  Its true cold air is going to come into your home. But installers will minimize the impact by closing off that room or area of the home while the windows are out. The old windows are removed and replaced one by one or at least room by room. Limiting the amount of time your home is exposed to the outside.

Ok so I’m not going to freeze but what if it rains/snows? Even if it does happen to snow or rain most of the time a window opening is protected by the houses eaves. An installer might be slowed slightly, but the install will move forward. If it’s truly coming down or the wind is blowing the rain/snow against the house the installers have the option of putting up tarps to create a rain/snow free area to work in that keeps the water out.

Our installers work year round and are familiar with challenging weather, and how to avoid the issues.  Don’t let weather put you off. If you are looking to replace your windows don’t hesitate to call K-Designers at 800-728-3902 or visit us online www.k-designers.com

Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Testimonial: Kenneth and Christine Wolf, Belfield, ND


We are satisfied with the overall look of our home. We have gone from almost all work to a maintenance free home, with a little painting to do (windows, doors, ect.) My house was an ugly green to the pretty color of the rosewood and the pearl. Big change for the neighborhood as I work in the home, I do daycare.

It was a welcoming sight to the neighborhood. The response of the mothers as they dropped off their kids was all I needed to hear. I knew we made the right choice.

It was at the end of the winter season in North Dakota so I really have not been able to tell the difference from the cold or drafts yet. But I am looking forward to the air-conditioning season. To see if it makes a difference then. Also I have noticed some change in the outside noise level.

There was some cleanup that needed to be done after the installer left. But since then things look good.

Mr.& Mrs. Ken Wolf