Thursday, March 31, 2016

Testimonial: Jack and Connie Howell, Custer SD

K-Designers did a large job for us: they installed siding with insulation, six large windows, two sliding doors, soffits and trim, gutters and down spouts, garage doors and openers, and exterior lights. The changes improved both the energy efficiency and the aesthetics of our mountain home, as well as greatly reducing its maintenance needs in the future.
Our sales representative, Darby, was knowledgeable and thorough but not pushy. He answered all our questions and stayed involved even after we signed the contract to see that materials and work were provided as promised.

The height and setting of our home -- situated on a steep grade between large granite outcroppings in a rural subdivision in the Black Hills -- presented some real challenges. Much of the installation was done while we were away, but the production crew spent time explaining how and when the work would be done, making us comfortable with their integrity and ability. Despite the challenges, we are very happy with the results of the work K-Designers provided for us. Everything was installed properly and the site was cleaned up.

The quality of the work K-Designers provided for us makes us confident that they can accomplish the same great job for anyone. We trust that the company warranty will also allow us to enjoy the improvements for many years to come. We have been told that our home is now the best looking house in the subdivision! We heartily recommend K-Designers.

Jack and Connie Howell
Custer, South Dakota