Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Testimonial: Blain and Janice Van Meter, Dillon, MT

Blaine and I are very happy with the new appearance of our home. The siding has made our home look like a whole new home. We have had many of our friends, neighbors and family tells us how nice the siding looks. They also have said that it has made the house look very different, like a new house. Blain and I have noticed several things about our home since we put the siding on.

We have noticed that the heat stays in the house longer, and the furnace does not run as much. So we are hoping that the coolness from the air conditioner stays longer too. We have also noticed that the noise from outside is less. We do not hear every little noise anymore. We will find out next winter how much the siding helped our heating bill.

Overall Blaine and I are very satisfied with K-Designers. From the salesmen to the customer service courtesy calls. The workers were very good to, they were polite, worked well, and cleaned up wonderfully.

Thanks, Blaine and Janice Van Meter.

Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Testimonial: Mark and Evader Dupart, San Leandro, CA

Mr. Melko (K-Designers)

Where can we begin? I guess by saying that our house was unsightly fo not only our household, but for the other family members, neighbors and friends. We have been living at this place of residency for the past 17 years. When we initially purchased our home, there was a fresh and new exterior paint job. 17 years later, it was not the same "new" paint job, but now an old, chipped, and faded exterior look. Through the years, we have been contemplating hiring contractors to either pain the exterior of our home or to replace the wooden exterior with stucco. While we reflect on this the only thing we can conclude is that we are elated that we did not do either. The sole reason behind this is K-Designers!

Mr. Melko, when you initially visited our home to explain the history of your company, your product(s) and the service that K-Designers provided, we were thoroughly convinced that K-Designers would be the company to transform our old 1940”s style home into a modern contemporary design that would last for a lifetime.

Our family agreed to utilize the services that K-Designers had to offer. From your visit Mr. Melko, to Oleg and his team that came and did the actual work, we are totally satisfied for the transformation that was done to our home. Our home, (not trying to brag) is the nicest looking home not only on the block, but in the entire neighborhood!

John, we would like to personally commend K-Designers for their professionalism, the excellent products(s) and last but not least the service that your company has provided. We look forward to recommending your company to our family members, friends and neighbors.

Mr. and Mrs. Mark S. Dupart

Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Testimonial: Shane and Amy Hightower, Caney, KS

I am writing to let you know how excited we are about our new windows.

We had just purchased our home three months prior to having our new windows installed. We never expected to be able to update our home in that way so soon. All of our neighbors have commented on how beautiful our new windows are and how adding the wrap around to them to cover the existing wood outside has totally changed the outside appearance of our home.

We have dogs that live all around us and the barking was almost unbearable. But, with our new windows, we hardly notice the barking at all.

Also, you could just walk by our old windows and feel air coming in. Now the only air we feel is when we have chosen to open a window.

Not only are our new windows beautiful and more energy efficient, but the "Whole project, from initial contact until the job was finished was completed quickly. The installation team was courteous and fast! Thank you K-Designers.

Shane and Amy Hightower

Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Looking to enjoy the great outdoors just a little longer this year?

Ever been outside and a sudden rain storm send you running for cover? Ever felt like you wanted to just turn the sun down like you would a thermostat? Depending on where you are you might experience one or both of these situations. Enjoying the outdoors doesn’t mean you have to settle. Patio covers or free standing shade structures can help you tame Mother Nature.

K-Designers has a perfect solution for your shade and weather needs, America’s Dream Koolshade. It’s a variable coverage product. Meaning you can have full coverage with solid sheets or variable spaced beams for different levels of shade. You can even vary the amount of coverage from area to area. Completely up to you.

Koolshade is an enamel finished aluminum with an embossed wood grain. It comes with choices in end pieces and column styles to give your cover a bit of individuality.

Don’t let Mother Nature dictate how and when you enjoy the outdoors. Call K-Designers to get your free quote 800-728-3902 or visit us online at www.k-designers.com.

Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Testimonial: Renee L. Duval, Cheyenne, WY

Dear Sir or Madam,

I am writing to provide feedback on the outstanding product and service your company provides. I just had siding installed, including the soffits and fascia. The quality of the materials is superb and the color all matches exactly. I also had the garage door wrapped - it really adds to the look of the house. The garage is noticeably cooler this summer already. The house is much quieter inside and also cooler.

The workmanship of the installers was wonderful. The two person team worked well together and kept a very clean jobsite. On the day it was too windy to work, they drove up from Ft. Collins, CO to check on the house. The screen door, which they had to remove and re-install, actually closes better now.

You generously provided three gallons of paint to match the siding that I will use to paint the gutters and downspouts to match.

All in all, I am very pleased with my new house at my old address!

Renee L. Duval