Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Testimonial: Mark and Evader Dupart, San Leandro, CA

Mr. Melko (K-Designers)

Where can we begin? I guess by saying that our house was unsightly fo not only our household, but for the other family members, neighbors and friends. We have been living at this place of residency for the past 17 years. When we initially purchased our home, there was a fresh and new exterior paint job. 17 years later, it was not the same "new" paint job, but now an old, chipped, and faded exterior look. Through the years, we have been contemplating hiring contractors to either pain the exterior of our home or to replace the wooden exterior with stucco. While we reflect on this the only thing we can conclude is that we are elated that we did not do either. The sole reason behind this is K-Designers!

Mr. Melko, when you initially visited our home to explain the history of your company, your product(s) and the service that K-Designers provided, we were thoroughly convinced that K-Designers would be the company to transform our old 1940”s style home into a modern contemporary design that would last for a lifetime.

Our family agreed to utilize the services that K-Designers had to offer. From your visit Mr. Melko, to Oleg and his team that came and did the actual work, we are totally satisfied for the transformation that was done to our home. Our home, (not trying to brag) is the nicest looking home not only on the block, but in the entire neighborhood!

John, we would like to personally commend K-Designers for their professionalism, the excellent products(s) and last but not least the service that your company has provided. We look forward to recommending your company to our family members, friends and neighbors.

Mr. and Mrs. Mark S. Dupart

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