Friday, March 29, 2013

Terry Bradshaw Winners Circle

Terry Bradshaw Winners Circle K-designers
Terry Bradshaw talks about home remodeling with K-Designers in the Winners Circle. See the video

Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Expand your outdoor living space

Outdoor living space is an often thrown around term. As you would expect it  refers to outdoor areas that are as comfortable as a room inside your home.  The biggest barrier to utilizing outdoor space is the weather. I'm sure many  have experienced that unexpected rain shower that sent everyone in search of  shelter. Outdoor furniture is made to withstand the elements but do you really want to sit on that wet chair?

If you have a raised deck then K-Designers Ultimate Underdeck is the solution. It's a ceiling system that installs under your existing deck. Ultimate Underdeck manages the water coming through your deck creating a pleasing and dry environment underneath. It comes in a variety of colors including several woodgrain laminates for a very stylish look for your new outdoor space.

If Ultimate Underdeck or any of K-Designers other home remodeling solutions interests you and you wish to know more. Give us a call 800-728-3902 or visit us on the web

Friday, March 22, 2013

Customer Testimonial: Melvin and Linda Key Atlantic Iowa

“I waited for cold weather as a test for our K-Designer windows, but we didn’t get cold weather and now it is spring. However, I think the man who puttied the windows did a very neat and secure job. I don’t think any wind will get in there.

All your workmen were polite and considerate, and seemed to know their job and did it well.

When my grand children came and asked, ‘What’s the sign in your yard?’ I answered, ‘You were supposed to say, Wow! Look at Grandma’s new windows.’

Some of Mel’s friends asked, ‘Is your house for sale? We saw a sign in your yard.”

Melvin & Linda Key
Atlantic, Iowa

Friday, March 15, 2013

Customer Testimonial: Rex and Mary Livingston Fontanelle Iowa

Window testimonial“We really like our remodeling. The windows are really nice and the front storm door is letting in a lot more light than our old one.

The biggest change of all was the garage doors and so much warmer now. Our family has commented on the changes, but so far no neighbors.

Our work was done before the date on our contract and we were surprised by that.

 Rex & Mary Livingston
Fontanelle, Iowa

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Monday, March 11, 2013

Customer Testimonial: Ron & Delores Eller Bellevue, Nebraska

“I am extremely happy with the appearance of my siding. Though the house was not rundown and had been kept well painted, I was surprised at the difference the siding made. Also, we have noticed the house is warmer with furnace running less.

Now, I have more time for other projects. Painting is over, thanks to K-Designers.”

Ron & Delores Eller
Bellevue, Nebraska

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Friday, March 8, 2013

Home Remodeling

Is your home looking a little run down? Embarrassed to pull in to your drive? Thinking about selling your house? Everyone wants to love where they live. Maybe it’s not so bad. Maybe a little change here and there will be enough. And really who wants to go through all the hassle of moving? K-designers has a motto “A new home at the same address”.  A new coat of paint will certainly freshen things up. Maybe a more maintenance free solution like vinyl siding. No painting every few years. Just a quick spray of the hose and it looks like new. Maybe you are looking to stop that pesky draft or cold spot near your windows. Vinyl Windows will improve the look and save energy. These are just a few of the many solutions to make you love your house again. Drop by our site or call 800-728-3902 to schedule a free in home consultation or request a quote

Monday, March 4, 2013

Customer Testimonial: Senator Charles & Kathy Starr Hillsboro, Oregon

Starr home siding

"We purchased a siding job from K-Designers and they delivered on their promise. They answered our questions, noted the potential problems and assured us that everything would be completed to our satisfaction.

 Their contractor was first rate. They made sure we knew when the dry rot was removed and replaced. With more than 20 years experience as a general contractor, I recognize good workmanship. The premises was left clean and we are totally pleased.”

 Senator Charles & Kathy Starr,
Hillsboro, Oregon