Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Testimonial: Lilliana and Truxton Craig, Los Banos, CA


Our windows were installed in one day. We noticed immediately how much better we can see the outside when looking through the windows and there is so much less glare coming in through the glass to make visibility difficult and to cause an annoyance coming into the rooms.

The work was done very neatly and cleanup was complete, leaving no clutter, everything put back in order.

The weather has been uncomfortably hot the past couple of days. We haven't noticed the heat inside the house. It seems to be all on the outside. This will probably mean that the air conditioner will not need to be used as much as previously.

Thank you so much for the excellent job.

Lilliana and Truxton Craig
Los Banos, CA

Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Testimonial: Shirly Anderson Pomeroy, WA

Dear Sirs,

We are very pleased with the changes in the appearance of our home. We have had several comments from friends and neighbors as to how nice it looks and the quality of workmanship.

I think the added insulation keeps the heat in better. Also the fact that it never needs painting is a real good feature.

The workmanship was very well qualified and did an excellent job.

Shirley L. Anderson

Tuesday, August 13, 2013

One House Stands Out

Patrice Mitchell, Minot, North Dakota, Vinyl Siding
In June of 2011 a flood struck her and several others in Minot ND. Standing water caused mold and mildew damage and made many homes unlivable. Patrice was no different in that regard. She had to gut the interior of her home. But there was one bright spot. With a little cleaning she was able to save the vinyl siding that K-Designers had installed only two years prior. This is a picture of her home with her restoration complete 11 months later.

Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Testimonial: Debra Thompson Elk Grove California

I purchased a new home 20 years ago, and from day one it leaked like a sieve from nearly every window on the first floor. After numerous attempts to repair the windows and stucco, the builder finally filed bankruptcy and ran off and left the owners stuck with shoddy constructed homes. The nightmare ended after K-Designers came along and repaired my stucco and stopped the leaks forever. They have been a life saver to me and I can't thank them enough for their expertise and professionalism. They are the only ones who finally got it right.

Debra Thompson
Elk Grove, California