Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Testimonial: Cheryl and Jack Spencer, Fair Oaks, CA

Thank you to Cheryl and Jack for taking the time to send us your kind words. We're happy that your happy!

Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Testimonial: Ralph and Claire Kincade, Black Forest, Colorado

Our stucco was severely damaged from a recent hail storm~ and we had filed a repair claim with our insurance company. Since repaired stucco never matches exactly, and because of other flaws around our house, we decided to look into K-Designers vinyl siding and signed up. Using our repair claim check, we decided to spend a little extra and go with a permanent fix by residing the entire house. It is such a great feeling and stress reliever to know our house will always look new, and no more climbing ladders to paint.

We are very pleased with the results and the new appearance of our house. With the addition of window headers and keystones~ our house looks fantastic. The crew was friendly and courteous. They fixed the roof eaves and fascia boards around the damaged area and gave some excellent advice on how to add a "cricket" or ''valley'' which would prevent future ice damming damage. Their carpenter's knowledge was a nice surprise.

We have already noticed a change in the outside noise level and the added insulation affects with the new siding. The house stays warmer at night with the windows closed, and we expect to have lower heating bills in the coming winter months.

The new appearance of our house is so appealing and an eye catcher. We live in a forested area and have noticed several cars stopping by our property to see how our house has changed.

Ralph & Claire Kincade
Black Forest, Colorado

Friday, July 11, 2014

Testimonial: Charles and Wanda Murray

Thank You, for taking the time to write us a letter and include before and after photo's of your residing project. We hope you will enjoy your "new" home and we are happy to have been a part of the transformation!

Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Testomonial: Ted Haraguchi and Shirley Brown, St Louis Park, MN

We recently had new windows in our home and I love the way they look. Our neighbors commented on how nice they look too. My husband is happy that he no longer has scrape and paint the woodwork and re-putty the windows. I have noticed how much quieter the house is. We have a train that runs behind our home and the noise has been greatly reduced. I love the new bay window that we had installed and our cats have found a new place to lounge. The installers were very nice and they did a great job of cleaning up.

Shirley Brown

Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Testimonial:Melba Milam, Sacramento CA

I wish to thank you for the wonderful job you did to improve my home.

The windows are so beautiful, and the outside noise is almost obsolete and I haven’t had to use my air conditioner at all. Your employees were so kind and proficient and did a great job cleaning up when the job was finished.

I would recommend your company to anyone needing some home improvements no matter how big or small.

I’m sure my husband is smiling from heaven to know his home finally got the improved windows he so wanted.

Again, Many thanks to you and your crew.
Melba Milam

Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Testimonail:Christian and Leslie Fritz, Portland OR

We recently had our home resided by K Designers and we are really pleased with the results. Our house looks nice and we are enjoying the effects of increased insulation on our energy bills.

We were also pleased at how fast the work was done. The contractor showed up when he said he would and completed the work in a timely fashion.

Respectfully yours,

Christian and Leslie Fritz

Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Testimonial: John& Kris Karns, Roundup, MT

We can't believe how different our house looks. Replacing the old grey siding with mist blue and adding the red shakes and white scallops to the design has really added curb appeal. The salesman was very knowledgeable about the product, and had good input on some of our ideas. But most important to us every promise he made to us was kept.

Also, the installers were always very courteous and professional. When we had second thoughts about the front porch they gathered up some scrape and temp installed it so we could see it two different ways. They were very careful and completed the entire job without damaging anything in the flower beds. And at the end of the day they policed up all the scrapes & nails before they left.

Since the job was completed three weeks ago, we've noticed that the air conditioning only runs 15 to 20 minutes an hour now compared to almost non-stop before.

Really wish we had done this 5 years ago.

.John & Kris Karns