Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Testimonial: Al and Marietta Thomsen, Portola, CA

Dear K-Designers,

Just a line to let you know we appreciated your marketing agent, Richard, for his thorough explanation of your siding and designs.

The contractors were pleasant and completed the work in such a short time.

We were really surprised and pleased with the outcome of our “New Old Home”. It looks so clean and refreshing.

Our neighbors and other people on their evening walk have told us how nice our new siding looks. They also compliment us on our color choice and the slant gable design.

We were impressed to know that the. Warranty is transferable if we ever decide to sell.

Our only complaint is we wish we had invested in K-Designers siding years ago.

Your satisfied customers,

Al and Marietta Thomsen

Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Testimonail: Allan and Rhonda Schmidt, Adrian, MN

Dear K Designers,

We wanted to personally thank you for the great job done on our siding and garage doors done on our house. Everything was done very professionally, from the sales agent's visit to the workers installing the siding and doors. We were very impressed with the honesty and friendliness of the workers. People are astounded at how different our house looks. Almost everyday someone will stop or comment to me in a store that the house doesn't even look like the same house.

We have 4 children running around and the workers were very careful not to leave much out for them to get into. They were very courteous to answer all of our five-year old's questions. The workers had left some bolts from the garage doors on the ground and we asked them to please pick them up so the kids would not choke on them. They did it immediately.

Overall, we were very impressed with your services. We would definitely recommend them to someone. It's so nice to know we won't ever have to paint our house again. WE LOVE IT!! This was a very good investment!!

Thank You So Much!

Allan & Rhonda Schmidt

Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Testimonial: Jeanette & Paul Mattison, Lamberton, MN

To: K-Designs

Well, our windows are in! Your installers moved right along -3 days. They even worked in the rain the last day to complete the job, and to save on another trip down. They were pleasant and respectful. They removed their shoes always -and respected our home. Not as long winded as the salesman, and pleasant to talk to. They did not rushing off when job was done and answered our questions.

But the windows are quiet. Mold free, great for those of us with allergies. The drafts are gone! Still waiting on a big southeastern ain storm and strong winds to see if leaks are gone in dining room window. The rain sometimes sounds like popcorn popping in the microwave so faintly. And we've missed some storms because they were so quiet.

We got to test out the replacement policy right away! The windows were installed on a Saturday, and the following Thursday my son came home to a bullet hole thru the window. Thank God no one was home! A ricochet from over a mile away they figure. Brandon called K-Designs per my instructions; it's on order and should arrive in 2-4 weeks. 2-4 weeks seems like a long time with a broken window! But like the free replacement. They said they'd replace for a golf ball, baseball - none of us that day expected it to be a bullet hole that would need a replacement.

We like the way the cranks tuck away. The kids noticed that right away. I'm not upset over the white vs. brown vinyl choice as I thought I would be. The white is fine. We are going for quality, and long life of the windows! We've even been questioned on the windows already, and people are very impressed by the replacement feature.

So thanks for the windows,

Jeanette & Paul Mattison

Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Testimonial: Eugene and Mary Ellen Smith, Helena, MT

Dear K-Designers

My husband and I would like to thank you for remodeling our house and garage with vinyl siding. Besides making our house one of the most beautiful houses in our city you’ve made it energy efficient and you’ve greatly increased the value of it.

Since you installed insulation and vinyl siding, the inside of our house is much more comfortable. It’s cooler in the summer and warmer in the winter. We have central air conditioning and in the past we’ve had to leave it on all day long and half the night to keep the house cool and livable during the summer months. Now we turn the air on for an hour or so and turn it off for the rest of the day. The house stays nice and cool. We’re had to have the heat on because of cooler weather. We turn the heat on for a short time and then turn it off and the house stays warm and cozy. You’ve saved us money on our power bills now and in the future and you have saved us the expense of having our house and garage painted over and over again through the years. We’ll never have to paint again!

We love the garage now that it’s been remodeled with vinyl siding and insulation not only for the beauty of it but also for the comfort of it.

My husband spends many hours working in the garage and now he’ll be a lot warmer during the winter months and our cars will be easier to start.

We are very proud to display your K-Designers advertising sign in our front yard. It shows everyone that K-Designers are responsible for the beauty and efficiency of our house.

Congratulations on another job well done. Many thanks for choosing our house and garage to remodel. We are now among your many very grateful and satisfied customers.

Eugene and Mary Ellen Smith