Friday, January 10, 2014

Never remodel in winter...right?

Wrong! Weather is certainly a factor, especially to certain exterior remodeling projects, but that doesn’t mean you have to scrap your remodeling plans. The remodel project and the product used determine how impactful the weather will be.

Take for instance a window replacement project. As a home owner you might think that your house will freeze.  Its true cold air is going to come into your home. But installers will minimize the impact by closing off that room or area of the home while the windows are out. The old windows are removed and replaced one by one or at least room by room. Limiting the amount of time your home is exposed to the outside.

Ok so I’m not going to freeze but what if it rains/snows? Even if it does happen to snow or rain most of the time a window opening is protected by the houses eaves. An installer might be slowed slightly, but the install will move forward. If it’s truly coming down or the wind is blowing the rain/snow against the house the installers have the option of putting up tarps to create a rain/snow free area to work in that keeps the water out.

Our installers work year round and are familiar with challenging weather, and how to avoid the issues.  Don’t let weather put you off. If you are looking to replace your windows don’t hesitate to call K-Designers at 800-728-3902 or visit us online

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