Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Testimonial: Kenneth and Christine Wolf, Belfield, ND


We are satisfied with the overall look of our home. We have gone from almost all work to a maintenance free home, with a little painting to do (windows, doors, ect.) My house was an ugly green to the pretty color of the rosewood and the pearl. Big change for the neighborhood as I work in the home, I do daycare.

It was a welcoming sight to the neighborhood. The response of the mothers as they dropped off their kids was all I needed to hear. I knew we made the right choice.

It was at the end of the winter season in North Dakota so I really have not been able to tell the difference from the cold or drafts yet. But I am looking forward to the air-conditioning season. To see if it makes a difference then. Also I have noticed some change in the outside noise level.

There was some cleanup that needed to be done after the installer left. But since then things look good.

Mr.& Mrs. Ken Wolf


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