Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Testimonial: Kenneth A Doolittle, Wells, MN

Dear sirs:

We would like to thank you for our new vinyl siding. We have had compliments on the good looks of our home. The fact that we will never have to paint makes us feel free and very glad.

The installation was done very rapidly, even with the winter weather and the snow. Care was taken to protect our shrubs. The lights were put up the way we wanted them and with great care.

The crew was amiable and capable and cleaned up after the days work. We called them to fix one of the shingles that came loose and they were her within two days. They checked the rest of the siding while they were here to ensure no other problems.

The presentation was informative about the types of materials, but we feel that one attic octagon vent would be much less conspicuous if it could be in the color of the siding.

Other than that, we feel we have made our home more attractive, very maintenance free, more energy efficient and increased the resale value. We are satisfied with the siding which was installed and the workmen did an excellent job.

Kenneth A Doolittle
Wells, MN

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