Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Testimonial: Linda Brumm, MN

The completion of installing six windows was done on the coldest day of the winter and it was completed in one day; I was impressed! The installers were great to work with since I was caring for my six month old granddaughter and several dogs that needed access to the fenced in back yard.  I wasn’t sure how it would all work out, but it did!  They were very accommodating!

The windows look great and have added a nicer look from the outside; the neighbors have noticed!  Touching the inside of the windows on those below zero days no longer felt freezing cold; the original ones did!  The bad news is that when the dogs are barking in the back yard and I am in the house I do not hear them easily.  The good news is that the total house feels warmer all over.

Finally, I now have new siding and new windows on my 1958 rambler…….no more painting, no more woodpecker holes.  In addition, the outside walls and window areas are insulated.

The K-Designers team has been very professional, polite and efficient!  I would use them again and recommend to others who ask about the work that has been done on the house!

Linda Brumm, MN

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