Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Testimonial: Jeff and Becky Roseville, CA

Since the installation of our new K-Designers siding and windows we have experienced an approximate 75% reduction in sound from the street and other neighborhood annoyances (we all know what they are).

We have also experienced the indoor temperature range reach a comfortable point of moderation, keeping the house cool, instead of going from cool to hot, then cool again.

Our experience with the various crew members of your team was very pleasant. They were extremely polite and accommodating.

We constantly get stopped by neighbors to talk about the metamorphic change that took place in the appearance of our home.

Tell everyone we love the house, and have absolutely no regrets! We can't think of a 'new' house at the 'old' address than this one. I researched your web site before our home was even started, and out of the 90+ photos I viewed, none took on the measure of change ours did.

Thank you.
– Jeff & Becky Wilson, Roseville, California

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