Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Testimonial: Ursula Widmer, Ripon, CA

I recently worked with K-Designers to replace all the windows in my home. Previously I had single pane and storm windows. It was very time consuming to open the windows to clean them. I had to completely lift them out. They also made my house look very dated.

Now that I have my new double paned windows from K-Designers I am much happier. The windows make my house look richer. The neighbors really like them, they say it makes my house look different and much more appealing. The have also added value to my home.

In addition to looking great, they also provide great insulation. Not only do they keep out the outside noise they also block the heat of the sun.

Over all I am very satisfied with my new windows and the service I got from K-Designers.

Ursula Widmer

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Elizabeth J. Neal said...

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