Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Testimonial: Ralph and Claire Kincade, Black Forest, Colorado

Our stucco was severely damaged from a recent hail storm~ and we had filed a repair claim with our insurance company. Since repaired stucco never matches exactly, and because of other flaws around our house, we decided to look into K-Designers vinyl siding and signed up. Using our repair claim check, we decided to spend a little extra and go with a permanent fix by residing the entire house. It is such a great feeling and stress reliever to know our house will always look new, and no more climbing ladders to paint.

We are very pleased with the results and the new appearance of our house. With the addition of window headers and keystones~ our house looks fantastic. The crew was friendly and courteous. They fixed the roof eaves and fascia boards around the damaged area and gave some excellent advice on how to add a "cricket" or ''valley'' which would prevent future ice damming damage. Their carpenter's knowledge was a nice surprise.

We have already noticed a change in the outside noise level and the added insulation affects with the new siding. The house stays warmer at night with the windows closed, and we expect to have lower heating bills in the coming winter months.

The new appearance of our house is so appealing and an eye catcher. We live in a forested area and have noticed several cars stopping by our property to see how our house has changed.

Ralph & Claire Kincade
Black Forest, Colorado

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