Wednesday, April 23, 2014

15 Years and still happy!

Just received this letter in the mail today:

Our experience with K-Designers has more than exceeded our expectations. Our first encounter with the company was when we met the friendly and helpful Marketing Director. The exterior stucco was of poor installation and we were needing protection against the rain water leaking thru the cracks. Several of our neighbors homes had there stucco repaired several times by the builder and the water continued to leak thru whenever it rained. Two of our neighbors had their homes painted with a waterproof exterior coating. We didn't think this would last very long as the exposure to the elements and the continued cracking of the stucco would soon need to be repaired again. By addressing the problem with the additional layer of installation and long lasting Vinyl siding we knew we wouldn't have to repaint or seal the exterior for many years. As many of us have had contractors do work around our homes we know this can sometimes be a very unpleasant experience. The professionalism of the installers was a very pleasant surprise. Friendly and prompt along with their knowledge of their trade was gratefully appreciated. During the job there was no clutter left around and throughout the work the area was kept neat, then cleaned up at the end of each day. K-Designers said they guarantee 100% satisfaction and in our experience that's exactly what we got. We choose K-Designers over a couple of other companies because they don't sub contract there installers and guarantee the best value for your dollar. So it only made sense to go with K-Designers and thank goodness we did. 15 years later our home still look like the day it was completed and we still are saving substantial amount of money on our energy bills. Without the added expense of resealing and repainting the exterior.

Jay/Lynene Lindstrom

Thank You Jay and Lynene for reaching out 15 years later to share your experience with us!

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