Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Testimonial: Bret and Kayleen Evans, Sandy, Ut

Our family would like to thank K-Designers for our new home. Neighbors in the area have stated that our house does not look like the same dwelling! We have not yet received a new appraisal on our home, but I am certain that the value has increased.

As fall approaches and cooler weather sets in, we look forward to watching our power and gas bills closely to see if the dollar amounts will decrease. The entire home has been covered with high quality insulation and siding.

Before the siding installation, pulling into the driveway of our house was almost embarrassing. The house was looking quite “run down” and “old”. Something had to be done. There were many options to choose from. After much deliberation and research, we decided on vinyl siding by K-Designers. Also installed was a beautiful new garage door and front door entry way. We are very pleased with our decision and with our investment. Now, pulling into our driveway brings us an excited and proud feeling.

Bret and Kayleen Evans

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