Monday, April 22, 2013

Things to consider when replacing a garage door.

Has your old tired garage door finally broken down? Maybe just want something new or different. So what should you consider while looking for that new door? There are a variety of factors to consider:

Style: You can go with the same type of door you had before or you could change things up a little. There are a variety of options like going with faux wood or a carriage style door. (It appears to open like a set of double doors swinging outward)

Windows: Windows in your door will add a nice decorative touch to the doors and they let in light during the day. If privacy is a concern you can change which panel the windows appear in or have the glass tinted.

Insulation: Many people are using their garage for something more than just storage. Some are using them as an extra social gathering space or a work area. An insulated door will help in keeping the area a more pleasant space.

Safety: Most doors are including safety features like pinch and tamper resistant elements. This is especially important when you have children so make sure they are included.

Material: Materials can affect the longevity and maintenance of your door. Wood is a fairly standard and versatile door material but needs regular maintenance and is subject to rot. Metal doors offer strength, longevity, and easy maintenance. They might have once lacked character and style but they now come in a surprising amount of styles and options.

Warranty: Most doors come with some sort of warranty. Make sure you understand what is covered, who it’s covered by (manufacturer vs installer) and how long it’s for. Some warranties offer variable coverage. (In other words the windows and hardware are covered for 10yrs but the paint for 20)

Cost: People tend to guess the cost of doors as higher than they are. When considering what you want to spend on a door. Consider that your garage door makes up a significant portion of the exterior of your home and will greatly impact your homes curb appeal. It’s not likely that you will replace it again soon, if ever. Spending a little more can make a huge impact on your home.

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