Friday, February 15, 2013

K-designers Offers Window Coverings

K-designers has added window coverings to our product line. They are both decorative and functional additions to any home. Providing curb appeal, sun protection and energy conservation properties. We are pleased to be offering America’s Dream Honeycomb shades and America’s Dream Faux-Wood blinds. 

America’s Dream Honeycomb shades are made of either UltraCel™or SoftCel™ fabric.  Our shades come in a variety of colors with a white exterior enhancing your home’s curb appeal. They also include the SmartRise™ cordless system. This system increases your homes safety for children and pets with the added bonus in appeal and ease of use. For better privacy and light control choose the “top-down bottom-up” option. Honeycomb shades offer superb insulation properties. Keeping you warm in winter and cool in summer, due to the minimal gaps on the sides, the Honeycomb Blinds form air pockets to protect against heat loss and heat gain.

America’s Dream Faux Wood Blinds come in both smooth and textured finishes. SmartPrivacy slats set them apart from other faux wood blinds because they have smaller holes, which are concealed when the blinds are closed. This keeps the blind slats from moving and provides tighter closure, enhanced privacy and better light control. Innovative Insta-Lock™ mechanism locks the blind at any position effortlessly. Slats are durable and resist scratches,  stains and are dimensionally stable. (Unlike solid wood blinds). They are also Moisture-resistant, fire retardant and lead free. Blinds come with child and pet safe cord release devices.

Call 800-728-3902 or email us today for more information about our window covering products or any of our other home remodeling products or services.

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